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The blues scene can prepare itself for one of the most wanted comebacks of the century: Magic Frankie is back.

After five long years of absence, blues phenomenon Magic Frankie is back!

Health problems forced a temporary farewell from the stages.  In 2017 he had to undergo dialysis due to severe kidney failure, which meant that he was hardly able to give concerts for 5 years. A loss for his loyal fans and many enthusiasts.
After a successful kidney transplant he recovered. A blessed opportunity to return to his roots and continue his blues career with heart and soul with his new tight band!

Magic Frankie & The Blues Disease has made an overwhelming impression in the Dutch and international music world since the 1980s. With their powerful and swinging Chicago blues and Frankie’s virtuoso and biting guitar playing, the audience went crazy in halls and at festivals such as the Amsterdam Blues Festival (with Robert Cray), Paradiso with Johnny Winter, Peer (with John Lee Hooker and Stevie Ray Vaughan), Ospel and North Sea jazz.
Magic Frankie appeared as a special guest at concerts by B.B. King and Ray Charles on their European tours. B.B. King himself gave Frank the biggest compliment ever when he signed the successful album ‘It’s Magic’ with the words “You really play my kind of blues.” This album was presented in a sold-out and frenzied Paradiso, followed by a tour of all major festivals and pop venues.
Frankie even played a set as a special guest star with B.B. King on stage at his concert in the Oosterpoort in Groningen. Picture this: The thrill is gone, Rock me babe…. the thrill was there! A fantastic highlight and recognition!

The years that followed were also marked by success. Musical pearld like ‘Hearts In Sorrow’ with the legendary Kaz Lux and ‘Lucky’ shook the blues world to its foundations. In addition to many TV performances, such as concerts for VPRO with the Metropole Orkest and the German WDR, the prison tour was one of the highlights of this period. Around Christmas time, Magic Frankie performed for two weeks in prisons across the country. Resulting in a smashing live album ‘Live behind bars’.  Internationally he performed at the Jazz Festival in Prague and Blues Festivals such as Santa Maria (Azores), Curacao and Geildorf Germany.

With the ‘legal bluesage’ (1961), The Gangster of the Blues is back in business with his band The Blues Disease.  Purified by his life the experience at his concert is more intense then ever before; the magic is still there!

A concert by Magic Frankie guarantees fireworks and a unique audience experience! Highly recommended to include in the programming of concerts and festivals. Now bookable again!
His band The Blues Disease consists of veterans including his brother and drummer Coen ‘king of the shuffle’ van den Bergh, Pim Spetter (piano) and Joris Verbogt (bass guitar).

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Magic Frankie & The Blues Disease – Live Behind Bars

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Magic Frankie & The Blues Disease – Live Behind Bars

Listen Up

Lay It On Me

Live Behind Bars

Luckiest Man

Miss You

Reckless Child

Gilmer, Texas

No Road Back Home

You Can Make It If You Really Try

Talk To Me Baby


Magic Frankie & The Blues Disease – Lucky

Electric City

You Lost Your Good Thing

Good Stuff

I Want You So Bad


Luckiest Man Strollin’

Reckless Child

You Go A Hold On Me

Lay It On Me

Crazy Mixed Up World

You Got Your Father Gallin’


Magic Frankie & Kaz Lux  – Hearts In Sorrow

Comin’ Home

Sweet Pain

Heart’s In Sorrow

Dentist Blues

Walk Right In

Cryin’ Over You

Cruel Train

Wee Midnight Hour Blues

Please Don’t Bury

Me I’m A Stranger

Here Believe To My Soul


Downside Up

Need Somebody

On Your Bond

Louis Collins


Magic Frankie & The Blues Disease – Built For Comfort


Cryin’ Over You


Say You’re Hurt


Dark Room

Singin’ The Blues

No Road Back Home

I Just Wanna Make LoveTo You


Built For Comfort


Magic Frankie – It’s Magic

Master of the blues


It ain’t right

Lose my temper


Don’t see no love


Down South

All by myself

That’s what you get

Oh lord

Crazy for my baby



Magic Frankie & The Blues Disease – Are You Listenin’!

Open Up

Wastin’ Time

That’s What You Get

Aahw Babe

Last Call For Alcohol


Sit Down And Relax

Goin’ Home

Cold Cold Feeling


Featured: Southside Blues Revue Feat. Magic Frankie – Good Times

That’s alright

Monday Mornin